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Birthdate:Feb 13

Character: Eden
Series: Aladdin the TV Series
Version: After she is bonded with Dondi
Age: It’s over 9000!!
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Long black hair tied up in a ponytail, this aquamarine colored genie is slender and quite pretty. Like other genies, Eden has pointy ears adorning gold hoop earrings and wears gold wrist cuffs. She has brown eyes and bright red lips. Usually one will see Eden in her normal outfit which is a pink bandeau top, a magenta sash around her hips with either a trail of smoke, or legs in dark green harem pants with curled pink shoes.

If you happen to catch her on her random shape shifts such as a seal or a spatula flipping an egg and many many other forms. Eden’s face and aquamarine color will usually remain. I mean even when she’s an egg. You can say she’s just like green eggs, but without the ham. She could have ham though, but it’d be on the side, not recommended for actual consumption of course.

Eden is definitely best known for her bubbly and energetic qualities. She is one fun-loving genie that enjoys life for what it is and loves to be silly. A genie you can go to for either a hug or a good chuckle, she usually tries her best to lighten up one’s day. Eden is usually very sweet, loyal, and encouraging to those who may need or want it. When she comforts or care for someone, she will act much like how a mother would be.

However, Eden can be quite feisty, she is quick to assume the worse out of some situations and can become quick to anger. If you push her buttons she will push yours right back and argue it’s either her way or the high way. In this way she can be very stubborn and might leap before she can think.
Eden also will put her work before having fun, or doing something for herself. She considers herself a career girl, even though she might joke a lot and goof around during whatever work she might be doing.

Phenomenal Cosmic Powers sure as heck comes with being a genie in the bottle! Transformation, transportation, summoning, healing, and the amazing power to break the 4th wall, she can do it! Eden has all sorts of powers and can do, well almost anything. Keyword almost, I mean even genies got restrictions. For example, Eden cannot and absolutely will not do the following; granting no more than three wishes, kill anybody, can’t make people fall in love, and can’t make people come back from the dead. She does have to abide by whoever is her master. Doesn’t mean most wishes have to actually go according to plan for the master, depending on who it is and what they wish for. If you want bunnies and cute fluffy things she is all in for it! And of course, Eden will love making pepperoni and gumdrop pizza for you. It’s delicious and you must try it darling!

Eden will find that she won’t be able to do things normal genies could do while she’s here in Paixao, such as the inability to summon people outside the city nor can she make them leave it. It is also possible for Eden’s powers cannot exceed another’s, such as a powerful curse. If tricked, she can also be put a magic-proof glass bottle and won’t be able to do anything once she’s contained.

Outside powers though, Eden’s true weakness shows when someone she loves is in danger or in trouble. She will do whatever it takes to help save them, sometimes it’s hard for her to think straight when this happens and she might make a mistake. Eden also doesn’t have free will of her own. When her master summons her presence, she must obey and try to grant whatever wish they might have.

Eden first come in the episode “Some Enchanted Genie”. Dhandi, a optimistic young orphan, finds Eden’s bottle and becomes her new master. While Eden introduces herself to the kid and shows that she was her new master, Genie falls in love with her at first sight and watches as Dhandi makes her first wish. Which Eden helps her make, since it was a simple and humble “I wish to have sandwich” to “I wish to never go hungry again for the rest of my life.” And Eden makes pizza for Dhandi and becomes fast friends with her. Genie tries to impress her by appearing out of nowhere, that doesn’t work out too good. Eden is taken aback by his sudden appearance, and thinks Genie is moving in on her new master. He tries to impress her by showing he can make gumdrop pizza, but that gets into a sudden deal with competition and soon a bunch of pizzas are summoned and piled up on each other. Unfortunately the leaning tower of pizzas fall over across the desert, very soon afterwards Eden discovers that Genie just wanted to introduce himself and get better acquainted by going on a date. Eden agrees to the date with Dhandi’s permission and the two fall in love.

While they went out on their date, Abis Mal and Haroud intimidate Dhandi and then soon steals Eden’s bottle. When Abis Mal rubbed Eden’s lamp, Eden mistaken it to be Dhandi summoning her, and told Genie she’ll be back in a flash unknowing that Abis Mal was now her new master. While Eden was gone a long while Genie comes back Aladdin wondering why Eden ditched him and became depressed about it. As soon as they discover where Abis Mal was, Genie mistook Eden to have tricked him by working for Abis Mal and wouldn’t let Eden explain. Abis Mal then ordered Eden to rid of Aladdin’s Genie, which she did, but gave a message to Genie that he never said “forever”, thus Genie was able to break out of spell and come back. Abis Mal uses his second wish to be a giant with laser eyes, but again he didn’t say “forever” so that wish falls through thanks to Genie pulling the plug (literally) on him. Abis Mal frustrated tried to use his third wish to turn Aladdin and Genie into cockroaches. Thankfully Abu was able to steal the bottle back in the middle of wish and give it to Dhandi who sacrifices her second wish to prevent Aladdin and Genie from being turned into cockroaches. Which in return had Abis Mal and Haroud as cockroaches instead as a “freebie” from Eden. In the end, Dhandi accidentally uses her last wish to make Eden stay with her forever, postponing Genie's romance until Dhandi's life ends. However, Eden tells Genie that she is all that Dhandi has and that she cannot just leave her at that point in life, to which Genie understands. The two tell each other that they will wait until the time comes that they will finally be together.

In the episode "The Book of Khartoum," Eden visits Genie to go on a one-year anniversary date. Genie misses the date because he has been captured by Mozenrath, who wants to use him to power a furnace that will create the philosopher's stone, which he will use to become "the most powerful wizard ever." Mozenrath discovers that just one genie can't provide enough power to the furnace to create the philosopher's stone, so he is happy when Eden shows up to rescue him. He tricks her into agreeing to exchange herself for Genie, but Mozenrath double-crosses her. He traps her with Genie in magic-proof glass and uses their combined power to heat the furnace and create the philosopher's stone. After Mozenrath double crosses Eden and finishes making the stone, he is double crossed himself by Khartoum, a sorcerer trapped in the Book of Khartoum. Khartoum was the one who told Mozenrath to make the stone. Khartoum uses the stone to become free and is on the verge of taking out Mozenrath when Aladdin frees Genie and Eden while the two sorcerers are distracted. The two genies have been weakened, but they restore their power with the “Genie Embrace” and take the philosopher's stone away from Khartoum, who then becomes trapped in the book again. The philosopher's stone becomes so powerful that it's about to self-destruct, so the genies take it into the sky where it won't hurt anyone, then return to Agrabah for their date.
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